Japan Travel Moment: the Washlet

Of all the technological advances Japan is famous for, none is greater than toilet seat bidet, often known as a Washlet. I’m not sure if this is an amalgamation of “Wash and Toilet” or an acronym for “Wash Ass SHit Liberally Every Time.” These are a dream for weary bums wedged into airplane seats far … Continue reading Japan Travel Moment: the Washlet

English Basics: pronoun lowdown

Subject and object pronouns are weird and confusing for both learners and native English users alike, but it is especially troubling when more than one subject/object is present. If you don't know what I'm talking about, consider the following sentences. Which ones are correct? She and I went to the hockey game.Her and I went … Continue reading English Basics: pronoun lowdown

English Basics: there, there’s, their, theirs, they’re in the air

Let's all face it, English sucks. It's a terrible language with all sorts of confusing little landmines to trip up learners and native speakers alike. The problem during speaking is these words are pronounced the same, but have significantly different meanings. When writing, these words are commonly misused, either consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes my typing … Continue reading English Basics: there, there’s, their, theirs, they’re in the air

English Basics: much, many, little, and few

As an ESL teacher, it is always troubling when students presented examples of poor English usage by native English speakers. One of the most common examples of misused English grammar is the word "much." For instance, I frequently hear there is "much" cars on the road, and "much" cases of COVID-19. Unfortunately this is incorrect, … Continue reading English Basics: much, many, little, and few