Japan Travel Moment: breakfast

Japan has adopted many Western traditions, like whisky, Jazz, and Christmas, but breakfast isn’t one of them. We had already walked around Ginza in Tokyo searching for breakfast and Kanazawa didn’t provide the usual breakfast goodies like bacon, eggs, toast, and omelettes either. This is strange considering coffee is everywhere… literally everywhere, offered in millions of vending machines positioned randomly throughout the country. Most restaurants open from 11:00 until 2:00 then close until about 5:00 when the dinner rush begins. Eating outside these times requires you to haunt one of the numerous convenience stores, which, unlike Canada, are not scuzzy houses of last resort for Fortnite gamers in pyjamas and pimply teens drinking Slurpees, but rather, mini grocery stores. Look for a Lawson, Fresco, or Family Mart near you and buy their specialty sandwiches, which of course come crust free, because only peasants, dogs, and hillbillies eat crust.


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