The Efficient Essay is HERE!

Available on Amazon and only $18.95 for the hardcover and $9.95 for the Kindle version.

Stop worrying about getting your essay done on time. This book takes you through the entire process from choosing a topic, through researching, writing, and finally editing an essay. It provides a formula for success and keeps you on track so you will not waste time with aspects of your essay that don’t matter. It gives you only what you need and can be helpful RIGHT NOW, even if you’re in the midst of writing. All sections are a few pages in length, simply written, and illuminated with colour and pictures to make essay writing simple for students in high school, as well as students with English as another language. It is written specifically for first and second year University or College students, but can be beneficially for everyone. Why struggle with essays like I did?

The book follows an innovative checklist to keep you and your essay on track. Download it for free:


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