Japan Travel Moment: trains

One of the coolest experiences in Japan is taking the bullet train, or Shinkansen. They're dizzyingly fast and so smooth you can eat from a bento box, even with less than adequate chopstick skills. Train technology in Japan is decades ahead of North America, so if you’re planning on visiting Japan, and traveling to several … Continue reading Japan Travel Moment: trains

Japan Travel Moment: breakfast

Japan has adopted many Western traditions, like whisky, Jazz, and Christmas, but breakfast isn’t one of them. We had already walked around Ginza in Tokyo searching for breakfast and Kanazawa didn’t provide the usual breakfast goodies like bacon, eggs, toast, and omelettes either. This is strange considering coffee is everywhere… literally everywhere, offered in millions … Continue reading Japan Travel Moment: breakfast

English Basics: there, there’s, their, theirs, they’re in the air

Let's all face it, English sucks. It's a terrible language with all sorts of confusing little landmines to trip up learners and native speakers alike. The problem during speaking is these words are pronounced the same, but have significantly different meanings. When writing, these words are commonly misused, either consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes my typing … Continue reading English Basics: there, there’s, their, theirs, they’re in the air