Website and document writing and editing

When marketing to English audiences, it is vital that corporate communications are concise and grammatically correct. Online translators are rarely adequate and often lead to comical misunderstandings, but improper messaging can seriously affect your business.

We live in a connected world where people make choices based on scanning numerous webpages then skimming for relevant information. First impressions are crucial in decisions to follow up. Don’t leave your marketing to an online translator or to someone without English expertise.

  • $50 dollars (CAD) per hour
  • Detailed estimates provided

Presentation and report editing

Presentations are nerve-rattling for many people, but this is even worse when the presentation is not in a first language. Some things–like technological breakdowns–are unavoidable, so ensure aspects like content, meaning, grammar, and spelling are precise. The same applies to your documentation and company reports; make sure they are clear, concise, and free of mistakes. Hire an editor.

  • $50/hr (CAD) for editing presentations/documents
  • Detailed estimates provided

Industrial training development and delivery

Industries in Canada are required to meet legal requirements for workplace safety training, but how many consider the language levels of their employees? Many industries use training programs written for native English speakers and delivered by trainers unqualified to teach newcomers with special language needs. This leads to an increased likelihood of on-the-job accidents and potential litigation.

Never assume your employees grasp the intricacies of your training program without assessing their knowledge in all English competencies: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Hire a qualified ESL instructor/industrial trainer to create and deliver your training program to all of your employees.

  • $50 dollars (CAD) per hour for writing/editing a training program
  • $100 dollars (CAD) for classroom delivery