Why Essays Fail #2

You Started at the Beginning This seems like a ridiculous proposition; of course you start at the beginning, right? Well, not exactly. As a TA, I marked hundreds of essays and the vast majority had an excellent introduction. After that, things tumbled downhill quickly. If you start with your introduction, you'll edit it over and … Continue reading Why Essays Fail #2

Why Essays Fail #1

You didn’t understand the assignment. Before starting an essay, make absolutely sure you understand the assignment and the type of essay required. If you are not completely certain, ask your instructor or TA. If your school has a writing centre, go to them. At the very least, ask your classmates or friends, just be wary … Continue reading Why Essays Fail #1

The Efficient Essay (Coming Soon!)

The Efficient Essay is not just about writing an essay; it is a guide to the entire life-cycle of your essay project. Chapters take you through choosing the type of essay, narrowing in on a topic, conducting research, developing arguments, building structure, writing introductions and conclusions then effective proofreading and editing. I provide time saving … Continue reading The Efficient Essay (Coming Soon!)

A window to the World: What makes a good travel website?

As someone who remembers life before the Internet, I still recognize it as a magical thing. I remember traveling when the Internet was still in its infancy and it was a very different experience. When we traveled to Cancun in 1999, the only thing we had preplanned was our hotel and that was because we … Continue reading A window to the World: What makes a good travel website?

English Basics: there, there’s, their, theirs, they’re in the air

Let's all face it, English sucks. It's a terrible language with all sorts of confusing little landmines to trip up learners and native speakers alike. The problem during speaking is these words are pronounced the same, but have significantly different meanings. When writing, these words are commonly misused, either consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes my typing … Continue reading English Basics: there, there’s, their, theirs, they’re in the air

English Basics: much, many, little, and few

As an ESL teacher, it is always troubling when students presented examples of poor English usage by native English speakers. One of the most common examples of misused English grammar is the word "much." For instance, I frequently hear there is "much" cars on the road, and "much" cases of COVID-19. Unfortunately this is incorrect, … Continue reading English Basics: much, many, little, and few