The Efficient Essay is HERE!

Available on Amazon and only $18.95 for the hardcover and $9.95 for the Kindle version. Stop worrying about getting your essay done on time. This book takes you through the entire process from choosing a topic, through researching, writing, and finally editing an essay. It provides a formula for success and keeps you on track … Continue reading The Efficient Essay is HERE!

English Basics: me, myself, and myself?

There is a saying in English that we're never alone because we are always with "me, myself, and I." These are three common pronouns to denote ME as the subject and object of a sentence, yet they are commonly misused by English speakers. Let's have a brief look at how to use them properly. I … Continue reading English Basics: me, myself, and myself?

English Basics: much, many, little, and few

As an ESL teacher, it is always troubling when students presented examples of poor English usage by native English speakers. One of the most common examples of misused English grammar is the word "much." For instance, I frequently hear there is "much" cars on the road, and "much" cases of COVID-19. Unfortunately this is incorrect, … Continue reading English Basics: much, many, little, and few