Japan 2019

An incredible country with a unique culture and wonderfully engaging people.

Paris 2018

We finally made it to Paris in 2018 for several days of sight-seeing, eating and drinking. It’s what you do in Paris.

Belgium 2018

For people interested in the First World War, a bicycle ride through Ypres in 2018 was a beautiful and sombre history lesson.

Italy 2017

A vacation to Italy proved to be more than we had bargained for.

Antigua 2014

A short trip in 2014 conjured nightmares and a tell-all story of famous visitors.

Ireland 2014

You’ve heard the stories of St. Patrick’s day in Dublin, but what about St. Patrick’s day in Kilkenny? Read on and find out.

Cook Islands 2006

A 2006 trip to the small island of Mangaia, yielded a vacation for the ages.

Hawaii 2000

Beautiful Kauai forever altered our future travel plans.